Welcome to Dayeon Kim's website!

I'm an undergraduate student, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Computer Science & Engineering at POSTECH, Republic of Korea.

I have been deeply involved in researches within the field of Robotics for the last four years, and I want to continue my journey with the robots.

My dream is to minimize the inequality between the disabled and the non-disabled, the old and the young, and woman and man. 

I believe the robots can open up the world with no such unfairness by providing hardware support.

This website contains projects I've participated in, publications and some additional information like CV and video demonstrations of my works.


Hope you Enjoy:)


Research Interests

Robotic Control & Manipulation, Robot Vision, Deep Learning, Human Robot Interaction, Natural Language Processing


  • Bachelor of  Science in Mechanical Engineering

  • Bachelor of  Science in Computer Science and Engineering

  • Feb 2014 - present 

  • Exchange Student

  • Entrepreneurial Smart Camp Summer School

  • Jun 2016 - Jul 2016


GE Foundation Scholarship Awards Ceremony

  • GE Foundation Scholarship, GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders Program, 2015 – present

  • National Science and Engineering Scholarship, Korea Student Aid Foundation, 2014 – present

Technical Skills

Programming Languages 

  • Advanced - Python, C/C++, Java

  • Moderate - Matlab, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript

  • Novice - Ocaml, Assembly Language (x86-64)

APIs, Libraries, and Frameworks

Keras, Tensorflow, Blender, MuJoCo, MFC, Solidworks, OrCAD, Django, JUnit, SWTBot


Jupyter notebook, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Android Studio, LABVIEW, Atmel Studio

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